Demetria Cotilla

Could it be possible how we view, treat, and speak to ourselves can actually affect both our inner and outer being?

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As a 70-year-old woman you would think I’d be over emotional eating by now! It wasn’t until working with Demetria that I can tell you I am finally free from the bondage of emotional eating. In just 90 days I saw so much progress that I continued on for two more rounds of the 90 Day Break Free Intensive. Not only have we dealt with freedom from food, losing the stubborn 10lbs, trading shame/guilt for JOY but we’ve covered so much more reaching all areas of my life. You are worth the investment and might I add…never too old. I was even able to fit back into my wedding dress for our 50th wedding anniversary!


I signed up for the 90 Day Break Free Intensive knowing that I was fed up with my body and ready for change. Naturally, my top goals were losing weight, exercising, and getting healthier. As we were working through this program I realized it was helping me get healthier on levels I never even considered or expected. We uncovered layers of negative patterns that were keeping me stuck not only in my health but in most areas of my life. Demetria has a heart for women to step into who they were designed and created to be, and to help them break free from the cycles that keep you stuck. For me, this program has unlocked new beginnings, not only do I welcome the changes but also love owning my new found confidence!


Before working with Demetria, I had tried for years to diet, exercise, and work on my overall self-improvement. Nothing stuck, and I always found myself back in the this vicious cycle that included overeating and shaming myself for any unhealthy choice I made. I never realized why this vicious cycle had continued until Demetria guided through the 90 day Intensive Program. During this journey I developed a positive mindset about my health, my worth, and how important it was to break this negative relationship that I had with food. We dug DEEP, and with Demetria's gift of active listening and extensive knowledge, I can now look in the mirror and see someone who is worth it -someone who deserves to live a healthy and joyful life! No therapist or self-help book has ever helped me achieve these profound and lasting results. Demetria has helped me uncover and discover the ME that I've always tried so desperately to be, and for this I am eternally grateful.


She's the best!  I don't just say that because she's my sister, but because she's truly gifted!  As a Songwriter and Author and a woman in ministry, she's continued to nurture my gifts, give godly wisdom and help navigate turning points in my life throughout the years.  Her heart to see people thrive in their purpose is absolutely radiant!  There have been many times I've called her while she's in the middle of cooking dinner with a baby attached to her and wrestling is going on in the background, and yet she still offers a lending ear and sound advice.  That's just who she is.  Always ready to offer support and encouragement.



I can't say enough about how special she is!  A true gem!  An encourager, supporter and mentor. You will absolutely find yourself thriving in your purpose when you work with this beautiful woman!

Would you like to start living knowing you HAVE worth, are valuable, and were made for a purpose?

  • Learn to honor your body and mind; and trust its ques and signals!

  • Put negative self talk right where it belongs!

  • Ditch comparison and own how uniquely amazing you truly are

  • Know your triggers and how to address them!

  • Be able to name WHY you found yourself standing in front of the pantry mindlessly eating. Then without shame or guilt, walk away and nourish yourself appropriately!

  • Be comfortable in your own skin!

  • Thrive within your new found energy!

Calling all the ladies! Do any of you struggle with…

  • The negative self-talk reel, consisting mostly of shame, guilt, and never feeling good enough?

  • Constantly comparing yourself to other women (physical appearance, job, family, finances, etc.)?

  • Sabotage hitting from all angles?

  • The inability to control emotional eating or stress eating?

  • The chaos in your life and schedule leaving you depleted, lacking energy physically and emotionally?

To be honest I struggled with each of those. Until I worked with my own coach and exposed layers that my belief system had been based on a lie. One that I believe so many other women carry in their story as well…

I'm not enough

I am not valuable

I can't add up

Basically, I have no worth

Why Get a Coach?

I want to challenge you to get serious about who you were created and formed to be. If you believe this is something that you can attack on your own, then I say go for it! But most of us get stuck, we lose our motivation, and find ourselves in the vicious cycle yet again. We need someone to hold space for us, to stretch us, to support us, and keep us focused.
Can you resonate with this? Are ready for the change? It’s worth the time, the energy, the money, and the process. You won’t regret the life you gain and the freedom you will experience.