Demetria Cotilla

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90 Day Break Free Intensive Plan

  • 50 min 1on1 private coaching sessions

  • Using a proven RESULTS-BASED program

  • Learn to honor, trust, and be kind to your body/mind

  • Ditch the diets; Find FREEDOM from stress eating and emotional eating 

  • Get a handle on sabotage, learn your triggers and how to STOP the sabotage cycle

  • Enjoy a new-found CONFIDENCE & ENERGY

  • Discover your uniqueness- learn to embrace your true BEAUTY 

  • Create new LASTING habits surrounding who you are created to be

  • Stress management and so much more…

  • 12 Weekly Sessions with monthly payment options available 

Wellness Foundation


This program offers a wonderful foundation for someone who is wanting extra support and guidance as they embrace and transition into a healthier lifestyle.

  • 4 weekly, 1on1 coaching- 50min sessions

  • Importance of whole food nutrition, the truth behind sugar, it goes beyond food, and much more…

  • Recipe concepts from a Professional Chef and Culinary Health Coach

  • Client centered coaching- which means; its personal! We tailor these sessions just for you, your needs and wants, meeting you just where you are!